taking Your Event to the Next Level

taking Your Event to the Next Leveltaking Your Event to the Next Leveltaking Your Event to the Next Level

Edmund Apperson a.k.a. The Southern Scoundrel 

is a magician and all around affable scoundrel for your next event!

The Southern Scoundrel

A Magician and Affable Scoundrel

Magician and  Emcee  — Edmund Apperson, a.k.a. The Southern Scoundrel, has been performing magic with a wink and a nod for 49 years. A member of The Academy of Magical Arts, International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians, The Southern Scoundrel  has received accolades from both party-goers and professional groups alike. 

  • Magician / Emcee
  • Specializes in high impact close-up and parlor magic
  • Perfect for tabled or strolling settings,  larger parlor style shows  and  virtual  shows.

Coverage Area

  • Based in Greenville, SC and can travel up to a 200 mile radius
  • Greensboro & Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA
  • Asheville, NC to Charleston, SC 

A Proven Track Record

Maybe you are looking for a strolling or parlor magician for a party, wedding or corporate event. Perhaps you are looking for an on-stage emcee for your next sales meeting or marketing  event. With clients including corporate holiday parties, and local private parties, The Southern Scoundrel 's high-energy interactive magical entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience to your event.

Glad she signed the card first

The Southern Scoundrel at Fall for Magic 2019.

The Virtual Show Episode 3

The Southern Scoundrel is featured on Jonathan Molo’s “The Virtual Show”

This is the full performance.

A prank call provides an oddly entertaining moment

The Southern Scoundrel at Fall for Magic 2019.

Some Coin Work

Southern scoundrel performs with coins at a party in the fall of 2018

Chicago Opener & Greenville Closer

The Southern Scoundrel at a Party in fall of 2018

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Do you have questions about what a magician can do for your event? Are you interested in collaborating on what magic style of performance will work best for your party, wedding or corporate event? Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon. 

Thank you,

Edmund Apperson 

a.k.a. The Southern Scoundrel

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